The impact of pets on human life and health

At the same time, it is good for the human heart and can lower blood pressure and blood lipids. Studies have found that people suffering from heart disease and some chronic diseases with it, after raising pet dogs and cats, can significantly reduce clinical symptoms by adjusting some of the human psychological state. By walking the dog and playing with it, people can relax their spirits. For some lonely elderly people who live alone, it is beneficial to their physical and mental health, and communication with pets makes the elderly’s lives more fulfilling. Dogs are the best companions for people who live alone. For some single elderly people who have accidents at home, such as sudden strokes and heart attacks, trained companion pets can act as an alarm in time.
Keeping pets in an increasingly competitive society can provide spiritual support, especially in the face of a shock, through communication with pet dogs, it is beneficial to the mental health of the breeder, and all kinds of unnecessary stress in life can be reduced, thereby Improve work efficiency

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